Is Dukan Diet Good For Muscle Building?

Dukan Diet

Diet is known to be the most important part of muscle building. Since you are required to fuel your body for better performance, most people rely on quick fixes, synthetic power potions for better results. They do not realize that the food that we eat is enough for helping us grow, heal and provide enough energy for all daily activities.

However, it is up to us to choose the right ingredients and right food items for supporting our body for better performance. As a beginner learning to build muscle, it is very important to know how calorie count will work for you and what kind of food you need to eat. This is very important because the food will be working as fuel for your workout as well as day-to-day activities.

With the help of this article, we will talk about the concept of a balanced diet. We will further talk about the Dukan diet which is one of the most commonly prescribed and used diets among bodybuilders. Apart from this, we will also talk about how and why the Dukan diet is effective.

What Is A Dukan Diet?

When high protein diets come to mind, most people think about Atkins only. However, there are so many other high-protein diets that have been designed to help people lose weight by shedding fat and gaining muscle. Dukan diet is another high protein diet where you need to balance the ratio. Within the Dukan diet, you will have fewer carbs and more protein. The whole diet plan is executed in four different phases. Each phase has its own significance and it allows you to evaluate the progress and track the improvement easily.

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Dukan diet was designed by and named after a French physician Dr. Pierre Dukan. His main concern was to help people manage their weight. In 1970, he designed this diet and prescribed this diet for his obese patent. The idea was to decrease the fat and carb intake to help people shed the unnecessary fat deposited in their bodies. In early 2000, he published his famous Dukan diet and since then it is being used globally. His book was published and later received a lot of praise in 32 different countries.

How does Dukan Diet help With Muscle Gain?

For the muscle gaining process, there are three key points. Your calorie count needs to be in surplus, you need to have a high protein diet and the diet you choose must fill your nutrient requirements. Within the Dukan diet, you will find all these things. In fact, it offers a simple template that you can follow for improving your health. The basic idea behind the Dukan diet is to cut carbs and fat intake. As you will cut the carbs and fat, you will see that the body will rely on stored fat for energy.

Eventually, when you will run out of stored fat, the body will enter a process of ketosis. This will carry on for at least one week and within that week you will be able to reach a good muscle to fat ratio in your body. with the help of the Dukan diet your muscle will heal better and at a good speed allowing you to have better results as compared to any other diet.

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Is Dukan Diet The Only Option?

Most people feel that they do not want to rely on one type of diet or a very strict diet plan. This is mainly because it limits their options and they have to leave their table food options that mainly consist of high carb food. Dukan diet is not the only option that can help you with your body-building journey. In fact, there are so many other high portion diet options that you can use as well.

Atkins diet is a very famous diet option that you can use as well. However, researchers and physicians agree that so far the best option is to rely on a balanced diet. Within a balanced diet, you can restrict or limit the intake of carbs and fats but you will still be able to eat everything. Your goal is to consume everything that your body needs for growth, healing, and overall performance. There is no hard and fast rule, as long as your body is getting enough calories you will be able to get significant results.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to your calories count and the quality of food. Dukan is not the only high protein diet, there are so many other diets that you can try as well. However, your goal should be to choose a diet that offers you all the necessary nutrients. Most people choose a high portion diet and rely on the protein factor only. As a result, they do not conclude anything else causing vitamin and mineral deficiency.

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There is no Dukan diet that can help you with bodybuilding, however, you need to prefer a balanced diet over all the other diets. Keep in mind that your body will only be able to function properly if it has everything that it needs to survive. Even trace elements are important for growth and their deficiency can cause abnormality.

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