Why is Employee Wellness Important for Companies’ ROI? Read to Find Out!

Employee Wellness

Employees and employers are more than paychecks and to-do lists. These days it’s all about the right set of productivity, good healthy culture and what makes one organisation better in employee benefits than the rest.

To be frank, most companies with better employee satisfaction rates are better at generating ROIs and customer retention and that is all more than simply working your way to the top.

Employee wellness is much more important these days and while it is gaining rightful recognition, there is still a long road to cover.

Employee wellness aims to look at each individual working in the organisation and encourage them to make good lifestyle choices. Sometimes that is through vigorous health programs and sometimes these are individual benefits that go out for everyone.

In a general sense, employee wellness covers health promotions, health insurance, certain mandatory health activities, recreational activities, informatory in-house discussions and even in-house counsellors such as that present at Healthwire, that help with employee mental health issues for better productivity.

In this article, we will briefly touch on how important employee wellness is and what best can be done to make sure your company is taking good care of your employee’s well-being.

Benefits of Employee Wellness

It Boosts Employee Productivity

The ramification of an employee being mentally absent but physically present is increasing day by day..more so because of the plethora of digital information that is flooding people’s brains without a pause. Do you know digital dementia is a true thing and it can actually hamper your productivity and memory?

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If you have a mentally fit employee your overall company productivity can improve in no time. In fact, a study shows that low productivity cost against low staff health is much higher than taking care of healthcare expenses. So the more you reinforce a happier and healthier workforce the better it is for your overall health and growth.

Your Staff Retention Improves

Hiring someone new is more costly than paying them in the first year. Surprised? Well, that is not news today given how drastically staff turnover has become. It’s in every company’s best interest to retain their employees than to avoid losing business for months.

And this is where the importance of good employee wellness comes in. When you have a good healthy culture with great healthcare benefits for your employee, it’s hard for them to look somewhere else even if they are offered better jobs, because believe me internally everyone knows how to find a good workplace where you are less mentally pressured is a hard find.

Employee Absence Decrease

If your employees are feeling better at work, they are going to be more productive and spend more time at work. That is how you naturally culture ownership and responsibility without micromanaging your team. Workplaces that lay more stress on health behaviours naturally have low absenteeism and better employee performance.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Sounds surprising again, doesn’t it? Not when you do the maths. When you invest in your employee health, you automatically give room to healthier environments not just for your employee’s mental well-being but also for their physical wellness. For example, a company that forces its employees to spend a certain amount of hours in the gym as a part of its KPIs is definitely putting in the right investment to get its employees in the right direction. As a result, you have low insurance bills and low absenteeism to look after.

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Wellness for Employee Ensures High Morale

There is no guaranteeing performance in a tough way. The only way to help an employee engage in high performance is through constant encouragement, value and appreciation. Wellness programs happen to be an excellent way of reminding your resources how valuable they are to your business. Their presence is appreciated enough to be taken into co-operation of where their health is falling short and how you and the people among you can help them feel better. Now, how amazing is that?

Employee Wellness Has been there for Years!!

If you think employee wellness is relatively new and your business (regardless of its size) can survive without this consideration then you are probably less informed and more bluntly put, wrong!

Employee wellness first surfaced back in 1943 when Abraham Maslow, an industrial. Psychologists worked on a needs hierarchy paradigm that greatly shows how a human has certain needs to be fulfilled in order to experience a satisfying life. And somehow after 70 years this amazing research still contributed to benefit businesses today. Since most people spend more than half of their time at the workplace, this psychological aspect of human needs simply makes much more sense.

So all in all, when your employees are healthier they are obviously happier.

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