What Are the Side Effects of Pre-Workout Supplements?

Pre-Workout Supplements?

If you ever visit your nearest fitness brand, you will find large jars of powdered formula that you can mix and drink before the workout. These powdered formulas are synthetic and they usually contain sympathetic chemicals that can irritate your stomach causing digestive issues. The basic idea of a pre-work supplement was introduced for helping people to boost their level of energy so they can perform their exercises properly. Most people find it hard to curate a meal so they end up switching to quick fixes.

Most of the pre-work supplements available on market are flavoured and they have different items for keeping the individual energized and full throughout the workout. Work supplements do not come with caution and brands do not mention the ingredients and the limitations of their product. As a result, people eat them with acidic and alkaline food items causing intense digestion issues as well as other health issues.

With the help of this article, we will explore in detail some of the most common ingredients that are used for workout supplements. We will further talk about the side effects that synthetic pre-workout supplements have on the body.

What Are The Side Effects Of Synthetic Pre Workout Supplements?

Before thinking that all pre-workout supplements are bad, try to know what kind of pre-workout supplements will help you. Within this article, we will mainly talk about synthetic pre-workout supplements that are made by mixing different flavours. There are so many organic brands and variations available in the market that you can use to replace these pre-workouts supplements easily or you can make a few at home by using fresh ingredients.

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Excess Caffeine Makes You Jittery

After you take the pre-workout supplements you will instantly feel energized? This is mainly because caffeine is the main component that is added to these synthetic pre-workout supplements. High caffeine intake will impact your heart rate and cause extra sweating it will also make you jittery. As a side effect, you will have to see how severely caffeine intake impacts your body.

Make You Feel Balloted

Most people work out because they want to get rid of bloating and water weight. However, most of these pre-workout supplements contain creatine and other salts that help in retaining the water. As a result, you will feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Mild Body Reactions

Most of the pre-workout supplements contain synthetic chemicals like Beta-alanine and niacin. They can cause skin flushing, extra sweating, heavy breathing and burning on the skin, some even cause severe reactions as well. The best way to prevent your body from side effects is to reduce the dose but it is a better option to select something that suits your taste and body requirements.

GI tract infections

Most people use pre-workout supplements by mixing them directly into the water, others make a shake or add it to milk without knowing about the ph. value. Most people add their supplements to juice that is acidic. This can cause severe infection and digestive issues as well. If these issues are not addressed right away they can cause long-term effects as well.

How to Select the Best Pre Workout Supplement? 

 Before selecting good pre-workout supplements, start by analyzing yourself and see what kind of exercise you are performing. If it is just cardio, a glass of juice will be enough. However, if you are not a beginner, you really want to get ripped or improve the muscle ratio. You also need to know about your medical history first. If you have depression, ADHD, or any other related issues, try to avoid taking pre-workout supplements with caffeine. Another important thing to see is if the ingredients are all vegans and organic. There are plant sources that offer better nutrition value. Similarly, you also need to get a reputed brand because this will be considered a direct health investment.

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Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the right selection of food. There is no doubt that finding the right balance of pre and post-meal can be challenging. However, the idea is to make it easy to change the flavor. However, it is much better to get organic food items and add them to your diet. As an easy alternative, you can prepare a fruit smoothie or grab a granola bar with some juice. Your main purpose is to help your body stay energized throughout the workout and a good smoothie bowl will offer you enough energy.

However, if you are looking for synthetic pre-workout supplements try to find organic protein powder. Before buying, just go through the ingredients and see what you can change. There are a few pre-workout supplements that include high caffeine and high sugar which might make you feel jittery throughout the workout. You need to know about your medical history before choosing the pre-workout supplements. Do not go for famous brands without going through the ingredients first. It is better to go through various variations and then choose the one that suits your better.


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