Preparing for Breast Lift Surgery: Dos and Don’ts

Breast Lift Surgery

Every surgery, regardless of how big or small, requires some physical, mental, and emotional preparation. In addition, there can be concerns regarding communication, process, operation, arrangements, etc., before you appear at your surgeon’s place in Sydney. 

Breast lift surgery can help your sagging breasts get a good lift. The sagging can cause significant weight loss, breastfeeding, etc. The procedure is medically safe and is practised by experienced surgeons to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the surgery. 

If you are considering a breast lift in Sydney, this article will help you prepare for the entire process with some tips and factors to keep in mind. 

Things to consider before a breast lift Sydney surgery

This cosmetic surgery involves reconstruction and reshaping of breasts to give them a lift. This surgery can benefit people with unshapely, small, or saggy breasts. 

Sydney has multiple experienced and stellar surgeons who practice this medical procedure effortlessly. According to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), there is a register of medical practitioners

With the help of this register, you can check whether your surgeon is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS). There are many factors to remember before choosing a surgeon as you want to ensure a smooth and safe surgery. 

In addition to keeping a few things in mind before choosing the right surgeon, there are also some things to bear in mind before the surgery. 

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Here are some factors to remember before you go for the breast lift in Sydney

1- Practice a healthy lifestyle before the surgery

Eating a balanced, healthy diet and exercising daily in the days leading up to the surgical procedure is a great way to prepare your body. Since your body will undergo the operation, it also needs the energy to recover from the same. 

Hence, the best thing to do would be to drink plenty of water, eat well-balanced meals, and keep your body active. 

2- Reduce the use of alcohol

Since it’s important to follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle, alcohol consumption may be the opposite of healthy living. Additionally, if you use tobacco products, you must stop or limit the consumption at least three weeks before the surgical procedure. 

You must completely stop the consumption of alcohol one week before the date of the procedure. These substances can negatively affect the healing and recovery process. These may also increase bruising, discomfort, and swelling. 

3- Keep your core muscles strong

Since staying active is crucial to keep in mind before the procedure, you must also actively focus on strengthening your core muscles. A strong and healthy core will help you recover after the surgery. 

You can work on your abdominal muscles by following exercises like planks. This great full-body exercise engages the muscles of your whole body. 

4- Communicate with your surgeon

While you can follow some things by yourself before the surgery, there are some pre and post-operative instructions only your surgeon can recommend. Talk to your surgeon about what to expect before and after the surgery. 

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You may also ask several other doubts or small questions that you may have. It’s always better to be updated on your medical surgeries. 

Wrapping up 

Breast lift surgery is a big deal for many women as the procedure requires excessive preparation. Once you find a suitable and trustworthy surgeon in Sydney, you will have a smooth-sailing medical process. 

Make sure to go through the above points to prepare better for the big day. 

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