Integrated operating room with multi-information fusion

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The construction of an integrated operating room is an inevitable trend in the development of information technology in the world’s medical care. It is an important measure to promote the construction of a world medical center and meet human needs for high-quality and efficient medical services. In the context of the continuous development of the construction of the world’s medical centers, the surgical departments of many hospitals are undergoing upgrading and renovation of integrated operating rooms, and some of them have already been put into use.

In order to meet the new requirements of the modern operating room for the innovation and development of industry-university-research institutes, under the guidance of the management concept of “refinement, visualization, and labeling”, the integrated operating room has been rationally arranged, carefully designed, and cleverly used to make it safe. efficient operation.

The integrated operating room is a new medical project born with the development of minimally invasive technology. It is a multi-system (such as medicine, Industrial control, communication, digital, etc.) comprehensive application.

What is an integrated operating room?

The integrated operating room is a perfect fusion of purification engineering and digital information, and integrates all information about patients in the best way, so that surgeons, anesthesiologists, and surgical nurses can obtain comprehensive patient information, more image support, Accurate surgical navigation and smooth external information exchange provide a more accurate, safer and more efficient working environment for the entire operation, and also provide a reliable channel for surgical observation, surgical teaching, remote teaching and remote consultation, thus creating The high success rate, high efficiency, and high safety of the operating room, as well as improving the external communication of the operating room.

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Integrated Operating Room equipment & apparatus includes Operating tables, Surgical Lights, Surgical pendants, Stainless Steel Products, Surgical instruments, Orthopedic instruments, Urology Surgery instruments, Surgical Accessories, and so on.

Video chain integration and precision

The operation of the integrated operating room is compatible with high-level impact displays such as 4K, fluorescence, and Da Vinci robots, and realizes high-quality transmission of images without delay and compression. On this basis, it is possible to carry out multidisciplinary and complex minimally invasive surgery, realize laparoscopic surgery multi-directional screen projection, multimode selection of lighting, centralized control of each system, create a good operating perspective for surgeons, and adjust appropriate intelligent light,optimize the use process of the equipment, and provide surgeons with more efficient, comfortable, safe and fast working ring mirrors.

There are many different types of medical imaging equipment,the main categories include X-ray machines, CT scanners, MRI machines, ultrasound equipment, and nuclear medicine devices.

Surgical broadcast can be switched at will

The operation of the integrated operating room transmits the high-definition operation process to the display device in the classroom or academic lecture hall in real time, to truly restore the operation site. It breaks through the barriers of traditional surgical teaching, adopts a teaching system integrating video and audio digitization, encoding, storage, and broadcasting, and observes the operation process on a large screen outside the operating room for real-time teaching, which prevents cross-infection in the operating room At the same time, it expands the scope of surgical teaching, breaks the limitations of time, place and number of people in the traditional teaching mode, improves the accuracy and interactivity of surgical teaching, and realizes zero-distance communication.

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Integrated Operation Informatization

The operation of the integrated operating room and the centralized control of equipment can reduce the search for mobile equipment and connection time, reduce the preparation time for surgery, and operate various functions through an operation terminal, such as: video routing conversion, surgical image acquisition, display control, Turn on and off the broadcast teaching, scan the QR code information on the patient’s wristband, etc. After the operation, the images and videos of the operation can be obtained through the computer or mobile device, and the patient information can be effectively archived and saved.


The construction of an integrated operating room is the embodiment of the humanization of intelligent hospitals and a new model for the construction of intelligent hospitals. With the continuous deepening of the construction of medical centers around the world, a patient-centered high-quality and efficient medical service model will be launched, and the digitization, integration and intelligence of modern hospitals will be carried out to the end!

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