Best Organic Mattress for Back Sleepers

Organic Mattress for Back SleepersOrganic Mattress for Back Sleepers

An organic, non-toxic mattress will help you achieve your goals, whether you like to buy eco-friendly products or want a safe mattress for you and your family. Thankfully, manufacturers listen to consumers who wish to have eco-friendly beds that are safe to sleep in.

There are many organic mattresses on the market with zero environmental impact. You must first understand an organic mattress to buy one of these mattresses. What is organic? How do they define organic, “green,” or eco-friendly?

After answering your questions about organic mattresses, we will reveal nine beds that match those criteria, are durable and comfy, and would be an excellent choice for back sleepers.

Top 9 Best Organic Mattress for Back Sleepers

  1. Best for Back Sleepers- My Green Mattress Natural Escape
  2. Best for Back Pain — Birch
  3. Best Dual-Sided Organic Mattress — Brooklyn Bedding Eco Sleep
  4. Best Edge Support- GhostBed Natural Mattress
  5. Best Firm Organic Mattress — Awara
  6. Best Organic Mattress for Back Pain- Avocado Green
  7. Joybed – Best Organic Hybrid Mattress
  8. Best Overall- Saatva Latex Hybrid
  9. Most Durable Organic Mattress- Zenhaven Mattress

Product Details

1- Best for Back Sleepers- My Green Mattress Natural Escape


  • Luxurious Mattress
  • Breathable Organic Latex
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • Risk-Free 120-Night Trial
  • 20-Year Warranty

Product Description:

The Natural Escape is a high-quality latex hybrid mattress due to its combination of Dunlop latex, wool, and a packed coil system.

High coils are located at the top and bottom. In contrast, medium-gauge coils are located in the body’s center, and little coils are situated in the creature’s periphery, forming a zonal pocketed design. The upper layers of the mattress are constructed with a comfort system and a certified organic cotton cover.


  • Wool and Latex Certified Organic
  • Breathable
  • Versatility and Balance


  • Too Firm for Side Sleepers

2- Best for Back Pain — Birch


  • Birch Natural Mattress
  • GREENGUARD Gold and GOTS Certified
  • 100 Nights Sleep Trial
  • 25-Year Guarantee
  • Made in the USA

Product Description:

Organic material and wool fibers make the Birch mattress both environmentally responsible and comfortable.

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The comfort layer is made of 100% natural, moisture-wicking wool, and the cover is made of organic cotton that has been quilted with thread. The active Talalay Latex layer beneath the comfort layer is likewise all-natural. Pocketed springs support it all.

Most back and stomach sleepers should find the Birch mattress comfortable because of its firm, bouncy composition. Because of the mattress’s bounce and firmness, your hips mustn’t sink into the bed too profoundly, allowing you to keep your spine in a neutral position as you sleep.


  • Breathability and Airflow
  • Designed with Pressure Relieving Features


  • Although it’s a hefty burden

3- Best Dual-Sided Organic Mattress — Brooklyn Bedding Eco Sleep


  • Sustainably sourced Joma™ Wool
  • Medium Firmness
  • 120-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty

Product Description:

Brooklyn Bedding’s EcoSleep is the one in question. With this latex-hybrid bed, you’ll be able to sleep soundly for years to come.

This eco-friendly mattress combines medium and firm comfort. Just flip the bed, and you may entirely alter the surface. This mattress is excellent for strict back and light side and back sleepers. When lying on your stomach, you may feel your hips descend if you weigh above 200 pounds.

The EcoSleep mattress provides a supportive, dynamic, and comfy surface using natural wool, latex, and enclosed coils. Tossing and turning in bed can be a nuisance because the mattress is bouncy.


  • Standardized Quality
  • Flippable, Sustainable Sleeping Method
  • EcoSleep Mattress with Super Comfortable


  • It has heavyweight.

4- Best Edge Support- GhostBed Natural Mattress


  • 5-Layers of Natural Comfort
  • 101-Night Sleep Trial
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • GOTS Certified Cotton and Latex

Product Description:

Beds manufactured by GhostBed are available in various construction and performance specifications. The Natural model is an organic, all-natural bed for the environmentally conscious consumer. This is the one for you if you’re looking for a mattress that provides excellent edge support.

The bed’s blend of support and contouring for back sleepers makes it highly versatile for sleepers and weight groups. This sleeping position works best with beds that support the back while cushioning the spine.

GhostBed mattresses are among the most cost-effective ones on the market; they have a 25-year warranty and a 101-night sleep trial. Shipping is free anywhere in the 48 contiguous states.


  • Designed with Mild Cushioning and Support
  • Exceptional Edging Stability
  • No Tumbling over the Edges


  • Too Soft

5- Best Firm Organic Mattress — Awara


  • Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress
  • Three Lush Layers of Natural Comfort
  • 365-Night Trial
  • Forever Guarantee

Product Description:

The Awara mattress is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a bed made entirely of natural materials. In addition, the combination of soft latex and firm-packed coils could be a winning formula for those who sleep in various positions.

First, Awara’s natural materials: a certified organic cover and Dunlop latex cushioning layer, provide comfort without the chemicals in many foam beds. The Awara also employs pocketed coils for robust support and bounce so you won’t feel sunk in.

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The Awara mattress provides a firm feel they’ll find comfortable for back sleepers. As a result, this mattress keeps hips from sinking into it and maintains a healthy spine. The Awara is an excellent mattress that incorporates natural materials to avoid back problems.


  • Crafted from Fresh Natural Materials
  • Foam Layers Relieve Pressure Points
  • Encouraging Better Spinal Alignment
  • Refreshingly Affordable


  • Expensive

6- Best Organic Mattress for Back Pain- Avocado Green


  • Avocado Green Mattress
  • 1-Year Trial
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • Greenguard Gold Certified

Product Description:

The Avocado mattress appears to be of the highest quality. As a result, it doesn’t emit an off-gassing odor like another popular bed-in-a-box mattress.

The Avocado mattress is 11 inches thick and has organic Dunlop latex foam, wool, and cotton. The base is created from repurposed pocketed steel coils. It supports all body types, from slight to giant but solid.

This seems to be the ideal mattress for back pain patients because it provides excellent support while still allowing the foam to cradle your curves.


  • 100% Certified Organic Mattress
  • Needle Tufted by Hand
  • Heavy Duty Handles


  • Uncomfortable for Side Sleepers

7- Joybed – Best Organic Hybrid Mattress


  • Quality, Natural Materials
  • 120 Night in-home Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Product Description:

The 11-inch-thick Joybed LX is a pocket coil/natural fiber hybrid mattress. Organic cotton covers two layers of organic fibers maintained on a pocket-coil basis.

Joybed mattresses are eco-friendly hybrids made from organic materials. It has plant fiber, organic cotton, wool comfort layers, and a pocketed coil core for active edge support. It has many certifications for its organic materials.

It’s available in various sizes and has three firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm. Joybed’s 120-night sleep trial includes free shipping and free returns, 11 to 13 inches deep, depending on your chosen model.


  • Luxurious Sleep Experience
  • Handcrafted from the Finest Cotton and Wool


  • It might be too firm or too soft.

9- Best Overall- Saatva Latex Hybrid


  • Organic Hand-tufted Hybrid Mattress
  • Free White Glove Delivery
  • 180-Night Home Trial
  • 15-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Product Description:

Almost every part of the Saatva Latex Hybrid is made from natural, pure, or certified organic materials. As a result, the sleeper will have a fantastic night’s rest.

For the Latex Hybrid, repurposed steel coils are used in GOTS-certified organic wool’s comfort layer and top layer.

The soft latex is divided into five zones of varying hardness to provide extra support where it’s needed most, including the head, the legs, and the torso. Durable thicker coils around the mattress perimeter for increased support while sleeping near edges or getting on and off.


  • Edge Support
  • Breathable
  • Comfort and Support


  • Costly

10- Most Durable Organic Mattress- Zenhaven Mattress


  • 5-Zone Natural Latex Mattress by Zenhaven
  • Natural Latex Cores for Support
  • Organic Cotton Quilted Cover
  • 180-Night Home Trial
  • 20-Year Warranty

Product Description:

As an all-natural latex mattress, the Zenhaven is a cutting-edge product with an outstanding balance of support and comfort.

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The Zenhaven is a Talalay latex mattress with numerous layers of Talalay latex incorporated into the design. The only mattress on this list that can be flipped, the Zenhaven, is also the most expensive.

This mattress has two firmness options for sleepers, so stomach, back, and some side sleepers will be satisfied.


  • Back and Joint Pain Relief
  • Cool Comfort
  • Luxury Plush Firmness


  • Little bit Expensive

What Are the Advantages of an Organic Mattress?

The best mattress advisor elaborates advantages of the best organic mattress for back sleepers. Here are the advantages;

Fewer Chemicals:

One of the most attractive features of an organic or natural mattress is the absence of harmful chemicals and flame retardants. Flame retardant properties are inherent in many organic compounds. As a result, the mattress’s off-gassing (smell after opening) will be less intense.

Sustainable and Biodegradable:

This can significantly benefit those who care about the environment when they sleep. There is less of an environmental impact because of the manufacturing and materials. These are two areas where many companies attempt to stand out.


Chemicals and flame retardants could cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation. From the plantation to your bedroom, the organic mattress’s ingredients are handled without the addition of any harmful substances.


Children and infants are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of toxic substances. These toxins can be minimized by using an organic mattress.

3 Advantages of Organic Mattresses

Organic and non-toxic mattresses are more expensive, but they’re worth it for various reasons.

Long-lasting and Durable Organic Mattresses

Organic mattresses, on the other hand, are noted for their longevity. Sagging is a common problem with memory foam and polyfoam mattresses. Latex, the most common organic mattress material, is highly resilient and does not sag.

Organic latex mattresses may cost more upfront, but they are a better value in the long run. Please look at our guide to the best non-sagging beds for longer-lasting options.

Natural Products Have Natural Benefits

Second, organic and non-toxic mattresses are frequently sleep cooler. Memory foam mattresses, for example, have compounds that trap heat, causing nighttime overheating. Latex is free of harmful chemicals and more breathable.

For allergy sufferers, latex and other organic compounds are antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

More Eco-Friendly: Organic Mattresses

Finally, organic mattresses are more environmentally friendly. Beds made from organic materials have a lower environmental impact than non-organic ones.


It would be best to have a decent grasp of an organic mattress, its materials, and several outstanding organic options available. Also, buyers should never take a mattress brand’s word regarding organic materials. Look for trustworthy certificates and third-party testing.

In any case, you now know what to look for in an organic mattress’s materials regardless of why you desire one. Our health and the planet’s health are both at stake when we buy items that are sourced ethically and sustainably.

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