What are the advantages and disadvantages of all-on-4 dental treatment?

all-on-4 dental treatment

Millions of people suffer tooth loss due to several reasons every year. Although the reasons for tooth loss may be unknown it may be a serious condition that requires attention. With innovative solutions in dentistry today people with complete tooth loss can access customized options to welcome amazing smiles and confidence back into their lives. The one-stop solution like ” all-on-4 by top dentists in Montreal “ is an effective alternative for anyone suffering from tooth loss.

What are All-on-4 dental implants?

The most comfortable solution a dentist offers to a patient who loses all the teeth due to uncertain life scenarios is to get All-on-4 dental implants. It is a popular option that allows the patient to get back to life without any disruptions. These dental implants are extremely durable and functional when compared to individual implants. These are far more convenient as they are fixed directly into the jaw bone making them act as normal and natural teeth. The patients don’t feel any discomfort as the patient gets two full arches of dental implants fixed with only a few metals.

Advantages of all-on-4 dental treatment

Great option for Instant and impactful results

The surgery is quick and offers lasting results. The all-on-4 dental treatment is better than the traditional implants as it takes only one appointment from the dentist to complete the surgery. The dentist first checks the oral health of the patient like the bone density and gum resistance. Then he or she takes the measurements for the implants. This process helps to get a full mouth scanning and customization of implants. The patient would be under anesthesia during the surgery. With minimal complications, this is a great option for patients to experience long-term effects.

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Minimum food restrictions

One of the crucial benefits of this dental implant is it doesn’t slide and the patients can enjoy most of their favorite foods after healing. Dentures may offer a temporary solution but it doesn’t allow you to eat a few types of foods.

Stress-free and smooth healing process

You will be surprised at the time and pain-free healing process of the surgery. It is comparatively less intense than any surgery. The doctors will ensure you have the necessary medications to deal with the pain initially. However, within one week after the surgery, you should be able to complete your routine chores.

Disadvantages of All-on-4 dental implant

May not be suitable for everyone

Dental implants come with a certain amount of restriction in terms of suitability. As the implants are fixed into the jaw bone the treatment necessitates the importance of healthy jaw bone and gum tissues. If the patient has any bone loss or sensitive gums this procedure may not be recommended by the surgeon.

Poor oral hygiene leads to dental implant failure

The surgery asserts the patients feel the implants as their natural teeth and therefore maintain proper oral hygiene. The patients are recommended to take proper care and follow normal routines like brushing twice a day, flossing their teeth, and getting regular checkups. If the patient doesn’t take care of the oral health there is a greater chance of failed surgery.

Must be ready for pain and swelling

The surgery is all about fixing implants into the jaw bone, and thus the patient will experience shooting pain. One must be mentally prepared for the outcome of the surgery. Remember as the metals are fused with the jaw it is obvious that the entire mouth and face will undergo a certain amount of pain. The pain will continue for two to three weeks and hence the patient may be asked to be on a liquid diet.

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To sum up, whether due to trauma, lack of nutrition, accident, or gum disease. If someone loses all the teeth they can boost their confidence and find peace with the dental implants. They are cost-effective and can be treated like real teeth.

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